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The officers of the National Federation of Musical Clubs visited University City and the American Woman's League headquarters on May 27, 1910 to hear more about the League. Consideration was being given to having Federation chapters join the American Woman's League. This photograph was taken on the steps of the Woman's Magazine Building. It appeared in "The Woman's National Daily" on June 2, 1910, and the caption indicates that the group included the following members: Mrs. Charles B. Kelsey, president, Grand Rapids, Michigan; Mrs. Jno. Leverett, second vice president, Upper Alton, Illinois; Mrs. Alexander Rietz, Chicago, Illinois; Mrs. Leila C. Elliott, Coffeyville, Kansas; Mrs. John Walker, Memphis, Tennessee; Mrs. Ottman Moll (V.P. Mo.) St. Louis, Missouri; Mrs. P. Y Tupper, St. Louis, Missouri; Miss Irma Colster, St. Louis, Missouri; Mrs. David Knegsbaker, St. Louis, Missouri; Mrs. E. A. Coestro, St. Louis, Missouri; Mrs. J. Gwynn Gough, St. Louis, Missouri; Miss Edith Lazar, St. Louis, Missouri; Miss Hardie Langdon, Youngstown, Ohio. Edward Gardner Lewis is in the front row.

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