File ID f091p0005
ContributorLewis Publishing Company (University City, Mo.)
DescriptionIn 1910 Edward Gardner Lewis persuaded John Vanderpoel to come to St. Louis to head up the drawing and painting division of the People's University Art Academy. In this photograph, John Vanderpoel (in the dark coat) is standing in the center. Mabel Lewis is the model. Students are not identified, but they are probably honor students. This photograph appeared in "The Siege of University City," by Sidney Morse, published in 1912.
SourcePhotograph, glued on white acid free paper, 9.24" by 7.20"
SubjectArt Academy Building-Interior (University City, Mo.)
SubjectLewis, Mabel Gertrude
SubjectArt Academy (University City, Mo.)
SubjectPeople's University (University City, Mo.)
SubjectVanderpoel, John, 1857-1911
Subject.KeywordPeople--Missouri--University City
TitleVanderpoel's drawing class at People's University Art Academy

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