File ID f091p0009
CreatorTaylor, Eugene
DescriptionEdward Gardner Lewis convinced Adelaide Alsop Robineau, one of the most talented ceramic artists in America, to come to University City where she could teach and also experiment with new clays and glaze techniques. In this photograph, Mrs. Robineau is working on her famed scarab vase. In 1911 it was part of the collection sent to Turin, Italy to represent University City pottery. The collection was awarded the grand prize. Lewis reported that if a single piece could have won a prize, the scarab vase would have taken top honors.
SourcePhotograph, surface worn lower right, 9.40" by 7.57"
SubjectArt Academy Building-Interior (University City, Mo.)
SubjectUniversity City (Mo.)--Pictorial Works
SubjectUniversity City Pottery (University City, Mo.)
SubjectArt Academy (University City, Mo.)
SubjectPeople's University (University City, Mo.)
SubjectRobineau, Adelaide Alsop, 1865-1929
Subject.KeywordArt pottery
TitleAdelaide Robineau working on her scarab vase

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