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All digital images in the Lewis Photograph Collecting copyright 2002 - 2003, All digital images in the American Woman’s League and American Woman’s Republic Document Collection copyright 2005. The University City Public Library. All rights reserved.

You may use digital images from the University City Public Library Archives for private study, scholarship or research under Fair Use provisions of the United States Copyright Law (Title 17, United States Code)

If you wish to publish or reproduce the materials in any physical or digital form or if you wish to use them for any commercial purpose including display or web page use, you must obtain prior written approval from the University City Public Library. The University City Public Library reserves the right to refuse to accept a reproduction request if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the request would involve violation of copyright laws.

To request permission to use a photograph or document image, request a print of a photograph or document, request fees for use, or if you have a question about one of the photographs or documents, please contact us at:

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Historical Society Contact: Sue Rehkopf

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