File ID f004p0085
DescriptionTents were erected on the south lawn of the Art Academy to house events for the American Woman's League Convention held on June 9, 10 and 11, 1910. This photograph was taken from the roof of the Art Academy Building, looking south. The Woman's Magazine Building and the Press Annex are on the right. The Woman's National Daily Building is in the distance. The building that appears at the far end of the center walkway is on the south side of Delmar Boulevard, and is a restaurant and grocery store.
SourcePhotograph, laminated, moisture damage lower corners and lower edge, foreign matter near top edge, tear right side, 9.75" by 6.14"
SubjectWoman's National Daily Building (University City, Mo.)
SubjectWoman's Magazine Building-Press Annex (University City, Mo.)
SubjectWoman's Magazine Building (University City, Mo.)
SubjectAmerican Woman's League--Convention
TitlePreparing campus for American Woman's League Convention

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