File ID f005p0097
ContributorLewis Publishing Company (University City, Mo.)
CreatorTaylor, Eugene
DescriptionEmployees of the Lewis Publishing Company and the American Woman's League formed the reception committee at St. Louis Union Station, welcoming delegates, members and friends arriving for the Convention. This photograph was taken in front of the League's information bureau, and it appeared in "The Woman's National Daily" on June 10, 1910.
SourcePhotograph, laminated, 9.54" by 7.56"
SubjectUniversity City (Mo.)--Pictorial Works
SubjectLewis Publishing Company-Employees (University City, Mo.)
SubjectAmerican Woman's League--Convention
Subject.KeywordPeople--Missouri--University City
TitleAmerican Woman's League Convention reception committee welcoming arriving delegates, members and friends at St. Louis Union Station

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