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Identifier d030p001frmd
ContributorLewis Publishing Company (University City, Mo.)
ContributorAmerican Woman's League
DescriptionThis “Final Certificate of Active Membership of Founder’s Chapter, The American Woman’s League,” was issued to Mabel G. Lewis. Mrs. Lewis was the Vice President of the League and wife of founder Edward Gardner Lewis. Membership in the Founder’s Chapter was reserved for the first 100,000 members who joined the League and were in good standing. This certificate is Series A, No. 23088, and Old Number 86-64. The significance of the numbers is unknown. Photographs printed on the certificate include the Edwardsville, Illinois and Lebanon, Missouri American Woman’s League Chapter Houses, the Lion Gates, the Woman’s Magazine Building and Press Annex, and the Woman’s National Daily Building. The red seal on the left includes the League Emblem and the official founding date, June 11, 1910.
PublisherUniversity City Public Library
SourceCream stock printed in black ink and a second color which as faded; fold lines; stain left edge; small tears right edge; original form has been detached from lower edge; 1 page; 9.0" by 11.25"
SubjectLewis, Mabel Gertrude
SubjectAmerican Woman's League--Membership
Subject.KeywordWomen's societies and clubs
TitleFinal Certificate of Active Membership in the Founder's Chapter of the American Woman's League

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