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Identifier d050p001f610
CreatorAmerican Woman's League Board of Managers
Date.Digital2005-02-23 - 2005-03-23
Date.Original1910-06 - 1912-07
DescriptionThe first meeting of the Board of Managers of the American Woman’s League was held on June 16, 1910, following the League Convention earlier in June. The role of the Board to was to manage the financial and organizational matters for the League. At the beginning, the minutes reflect the positive mood of board members, but by early 1911, board members were dealing with dwindling financial resources and conflicts among some chapter members. The minutes are generally brief and rarely contain details that might explain some of the troubles facing the League. By 1912, the League had folded, replaced by the American Woman’s Republic.
PublisherUniversity City Public Library
SourceTyped copy on various types of low grade paper; some original copies, some carbon copies; paper very brittle. No standard paper size; 246 pages
SubjectAmerican Woman's League
Subject.KeywordWomen's societies and clubs
TitleMinutes, correspondence and reports of the Board of Managers of the American Woman's League

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