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Identifier d070p001f012
ContributorAmerican Woman's League
ContributorLewis Publishing Company (University City, Mo.)
DescriptionIssue 1 of Volume I of “The Pioneer of an American Woman’s Republic” was published by the American Woman’s League probably in the spring of 1911. The first several pages contain a detailed explanation of the American Woman’s Republic and its structure and organization. Photographs of the cabinet officers appear with a listing of all the state governors/regents of the Republic. This publication also includes an extensive report on the activities of the local chapters. Several pages are devoted to the People’s University and the Art Academy, and many of the products of the Art Academy are offered for sale. This was the first and probably the only edition of the “Pioneer.” No other issues have been located.
PublisherUniversity City Public Library
SourceCream stock with black ink; front and back covers more aged; tear through entire magazine middle right; tears on front and back cover; 10.25" by 13.75"
SubjectAmerican Woman's League--Chapter Houses
SubjectUniversity City Pottery (University City, Mo.)
SubjectLewis Publishing Company (University City, Mo.)
SubjectAmerican Woman's League--Class A Magazines
SubjectAmerican Woman's Republic
SubjectAmerican Woman's League--Chapters
SubjectPeople's University (University City, Mo.)
SubjectArt Academy (University City, Mo.)
SubjectAmerican Woman's League
Subject.KeywordWomen's societies and clubs
Subject.KeywordWomen's periodicals
Subject.KeywordCorrespondence schools
Subject.KeywordArt pottery
TitleThe Pioneer of an American Woman's Republic

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