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Identifier d090p001d010
CreatorAmerican Woman's Republic
DescriptionThe Declaration of Equal Rights and Constitution of the American Woman’s Republic was adopted and signed by more than 400 members attending the Convention in July 1912. The intent was to establish a separate republic until women were given the right to vote and other legal rights denied at the time by the United States Constitution or by state laws. The wording closely parallels the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Members of the Republic elected Mabel Lewis President, and Alma Z. Moore vice-president, before the convention. Senators and representatives had also been elected, and these two bodies met for the first time during the Convention.
PublisherUniversity City Public Library
SourceCover: leather bound with metal decoration front and back; leather deteriorating; 17.5" x 14.6" Pages: textured stock; text in typewriter face; left edge reinforced for binding; right edge deckled; some pages have been stabilized; 17" x 14"
SubjectUniversity City (Mo.)
SubjectAmerican Woman's Republic
Subject.KeywordWomen's societies and clubs
Subject.KeywordConventions -- Missouri -- University City (Mo.)
TitleDeclaration of Equal Rights and Constitution of the American Woman's Republic

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